Survey Overview

About the Cotton Industry Surveys

Crop Consultants Australia has been coordinating the collection of survey data with its members across the key cotton growing regions of Australia since 1982.  CCA commenced surveying its members in 1982 in response to a need for reliable product usage records (quantities) to provide indicators of usage trends.  Nowadays the data is used for a variety of purposes.  Read more

CCA members wishing to participate in this project by contributing data can find out how here.

Cotton Market Audit

The Cotton Market Audit is a quantitative survey performed annually by CCA members and provides data on product usage including seed, seed dressings, herbicides, insecticides, target pests, plant growth regulators and harvest aids.

CCA aims for data coverage exceeding 33% of Australia’s key cotton producing area.  This data provides a strong indication of products (type and quantity) used to produce a cotton crop each season along with the target pests.

Historical data is available for sale and current season data is available from November each year.  Find out more about data availability

Cotton Consultants Survey

The Cotton Consultants Survey is a qualitative survey completed by CCA members each year.  A very broad range of topics are covered in the survey from staffing and professional development needs to every aspect of producing and managing a cotton crop (soils, pests, weeds, fertiliser, technology and water).

View the qualitative report for the 2017/18 cotton season

        This project is supported by the Cotton Research & Development Corporation

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