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Integrated Pest Management Project

Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) has contracted CCA and IPM Technologies to research and implement new Integrated Pest Management strategies in the Australian Cotton Industry.

Photo by: Phil Armytage

This initiative aims to identify alternative, IPM friendly management options for mirids and other cotton pest species. In doing so, it seeks to reduce reliance within the industry on existing chemistries and assess the suitability of alternative methods of pest control for integration into an effective IPM system.

Integrated Pest Management entails using as many different pest control methods as possible, including cultural, biological and chemical controls. The use of varied control measures, in conjunction with effective pest monitoring, leads to more effective and durable pest control strategies in the long term.

This project is harnessing the combined experience of the industry’s consultants and growers who have tackled IPM issues under diverse climatic conditions and scenarios to investigate current pest management strategies and to identify new alternatives for testing on Australian cotton farms.

Dr Paul Horne from IPM Technologies is collaborating with CCA on this project. Paul brings a fresh set of eyes to the cotton industry and is well placed to provide a new perspective on how the industry is implementing IPM principles. He has extensive experience with pest management research in Australia and internationally. His business also includes a pest scouting service and he has over 20 years’ experience working in horticulture and the grains industry.

A major part of this project is a series of forums that are being run in the major cotton valleys with agronomists/consultants to review current pest management strategies and to discuss any barriers to the implementation of IPM strategies.

The forums will be followed by broader industry consultation with researchers, growers, and others in the industry to formulate a comprehensive state of play for all cotton valleys.

The aim of the project is to improve the efficiency of insect control through:

  • increased yields
  • reduce the cost of control
  • consider the impact of control measures on the total pest spectrum
  • prepare growers for the impacts of increasing regulatory pressures on current control measures

Please contact CCA if you would like more information about this project.