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Professional and Young Professional Members

How does a member update their details with CCA?

Log into the CCA Member Portal to update your contact details, pay membership, access member-only resources, and view event registrations.

When do up-skilling requirements commence and how do I notify Crop Consultants Australia?

A person will be required to nominate their intention to be a Professional or Young Professional Member and commit to the up-skilling requirements at the time they apply for membership.

The submission of up-skilling data is performed online with access to the Up-skilling Recording Tool available at our Membership Information page.

Each year members will be sent an invitation to submit their data with followup reminders issued until the closing date of 31 August. Members that already maintain their up-skilling records in another format are able to forward these to the Crop Consultants Australia Office at info@cropconsultants.com.au.

Up-skilling will relate to those activities that have been undertaken in the previous 12-month period (commencing from 1 June).
New members joining part way through the year will need to satisfy up-skilling requirements.

What happens if I do not satisfy the up-skilling requirement?

Should a Professional or Young Professional Member not achieve their up-skilling requirements or submit their up-skilling records they will revert to ‘Industry Member’ status.

The Crop Consultants Australia Members Directory booklet categorises member listings based on an individual’s member status. For some practicing consultants and agronomists it is important to be recognised as a Professional or Young Professional Member.

Industry Members continue to receive the same membership benefits however will no longer be able to use the ‘professional’ logo on their business materials.

How are up-skilling points reviewed by Crop Consultants Australia?

The Crop Consultants Australia Office collates all Up-skilling Records into a single file which is reviewed by the Crop Consultants Australia Board to ensure standards are maintained. The Crop Consultants Australia Membership Director will consider special circumstances as necessary with recommendations considered by the Crop Consultants Australia Board.

Member up-skilling requirements must be finalised by 31 August each year, prior to the Membership Directory being published, to ensure that each person is recorded in the relevant section of this valuable publication