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Cotton Market Audit

This project is supported by the Cotton Research & Development Corporation.

Find out how to participate

Photo by: Phil Davis

Crop Consultants Australia coordinates the Cotton Market Audit each year on behalf of the cotton industry. Crop Consultants Australia members participate by providing agronomic data for each cotton season.

Options to participate in Cotton Market Audit

Crop Consultants Australia has guidelines in place for the supply and management of data. These guidelines outline to participating consultants how data is collected and managed to ensure the integrity of the data and protect the anonymity of consultants and their clients. Read Participant Guidelines here.

Crop Consultants Australia members can submit data to the Cotton Market Audit using one of the supported data management programs, or by using one of the Excel spreadsheet templates.

Data management programs supported by Crop Consultants Australia offer members secure systems in which to record, manage and report client, field, and activity data. These data management programs are also used to capture data and generate reports for the annual Cotton Market Audit.

Crop Consultants Australia provides three options for submitting data to the Cotton Market Audit:

  1. CCA Data Management Program: Go to the CCA Data Management Program and register for free.
  2. You can run your own custom CCA report in AgWorld and forward the data download to us at the CCA office. Instructions for running the report in AgWorld can be accessed here and you can view a short instructional video here.
  3. Excel Spreadsheet:
    1. Download template for SUMMARY dataset (use if providing data for combined product summaries)
    2. Download template for FULL dataset (use if providing more detailed treatment data)

Find out more about the datasets generated by the Cotton Market Audit.

Incentives to participate in Cotton Market Audit

Crop Consultants Australia members who submit a complete dataset for the full season to the Cotton Market Audit are offered one annual Membership valued at $325 GST inclusive. Determination of whether a data set provided qualifies for a full complementary membership is at the discretion of the Crop Consultants Australia Board.

Crop Consultants Australia members who submit a season summary or limited data set are offered an annual membership discount valued at $250.00 GST inclusive.

Membership credits apply to the next year’s membership.

Crop Consultants Australia provides free subscriptions to the CCA Data Management Program.

As an added BONUS, any person who completes both the Cotton Market Audit and the Cotton Consultants Survey is entitled to attend the next Crop Consultants Australia Cropping Solutions Seminar or Regional Workshop for free.